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Peru Travel Guide: Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Peru

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Peru is an amazing place to explore and spend a lovely vacation with your friends and family. From mountains to beaches, from busy city life to glittering nightlife, Peru is filled with all sorts of entertainment. In this article, you will have a guide on Peru travel and suggestions for 5 great places to visit in Peru.

What are the Best Peru Travel Destinations?

The list of the top 5 visiting places near Peru is as follows:

  1. Cusco

Cusco is a famous destination for travelers in Peru. This is because the city has a connection with history, and you can explore archaeological ruins here. Besides, as it is situated amidst the Andes mountains, you can trek in famous spots such as the el Camino Salkantay trail.

  • Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu tours from USA are very famous among travelers as the site has several attractions to offer. You can spend a lovely day out here, visit the ruins of the Inca Citadel, hike, and trek.

  • Lima

Lima is the capital city of Peru and has a lot to offer. This bustling city is on the Pacific coast of Peru and has several famous spots, museums, and exciting bars. Besides, this place has a lot of historical sites to visit.

  • Nazca

Nazca is an enthralling place to visit in Peru. Here tourists can explore the mystic Nazca lines, desert life and many more. Besides, exploring the local Nazca culture is also a tourist attraction.

  • Mancora

Mancora is a place for pure enjoyment. This coastal area can give you great nightlife. You can spend idyllic hours at the beach, dance your heart out at the charming bars or taste lip-smacking foods in local restaurants.

Things to Do and See in the Top 5 Places in Peru

Here are the top things you can do and see in the above-mentioned 5 places in Peru:

  • For Cusco

You can visit Machu Picchu, nature walks, adventure sports, Cusco Cathedral, Plaza De Armas, Sacred Valley, etc.

  • For Machu Picchu

Excursion to Rainbow Mountain, Day Trip to Machu Picchu, Humantay Lake Tour

  • For Lima

Visting deserts, Peruvian Food Tour, Lima City Sightseeing, visiting Palomino Islands

  • For Nazca

Flying over Nazca lines, desert safari, exploring Nazca culture

  • For Mancora

Enjoying beach atmosphere, enjoying watersports, visiting bars

Typical Cost (Per Day) in the Top 5 Places in Peru

The typical daily costs for these places are:

  • For Cusco

The per-day cost is $38.

  • For Machu Picchu

The typical per-day expense is $45.

  • For Lima

You can spend a day in Lima for $57.

  • For Nazca

Per day $51 is quite enough for each adult to spend a vacation in Nazca

  • For Mancora

$92 is per-day per-person vacation cost in Mancora.

Suggested Budget to Visit top 5 Places in Peru

Check out the suggested travel cost for these places:

  • For Cusco

A family of 4 can spend a vacation of 7 days in Cusco for $4976

  • For Machu Picchu

An adult can enjoy a whole-day tour at Machu Picchu for $339.

  • For Lima

In Lima, a family of 4 can spend a 7-day trip for $4539

  • For Nazca

A family of 4 can enjoy a 7-day trip for $4879.

  • For Mancora

$5367 is the average vacation cost of 7 days for a family of 4.

Where to Stay in the Top 5 Places in Peru?

Some luxurious places to stay in these places are:

  • For Cusco

Some popular hotels are Muru Homely Hotel Cusco, Posada Azul, Cooper Hotel Boutique, Yawar Inka Hotel, etc.

  • For Machu Picchu

The options you have for staying in Machu Picchu are ANDINO MACHPICCHu, Hs Tierra in, Picos House, etc.

  • For Lima

The places you can stay in Lima are Atemporal, Hyatt Centric San Isidro Lima, Alof Lima Miraflores

  • For Nazca

Hotel Sol del Sur, Casa Andina Standard Nasca, and Hotel Algeria Nasca are some great staying options.

  • For Mancora

Casa Narjana, Selina Mancora, and Blue Ocean are some famous hotels in Mancora.

How to Get Around in Peru?

Peru has a well-connected road and rail network, so you can be least worried about the transport system. Buses are the easiest way to travel in Peru. Besides, there are international airports such as Cusco, Lima etc.

When to Go to Peru?

May to November is a great time to visit Peru. Besides, you can go from June to September if you plan to visit the mountains. Further, beach regions are perfect for visiting from December to April.

How to Stay Safe in Peru?

Check out the following points to be safe in Peru

  • Avoid strolling alone at night in Lima
  • Check the weather before hiking
  • Avoid flaunting expensive things
  • Keep copies of your important documents and stay attentive

Best Places to Book Your Trip in Peru

Some great sites to book your Peru trip are Get Your Guide, Skyscanner, SafetyWing, Intrepid Travel, etc.

Gear and Packing List

The comprehensive packing list for Peru is as follows:

  • Clothes

Make sure you are carrying lightweight and necessary clothes and some extra for emergencies. You should also take swimsuits to visit beaches and lakes such as lake Sandoval Peru.

  • Medical Kit

Bring along first aid kits with your necessary medicines.

  • Miscellaneous

Apart from these, you should also carry essential gadgets, toiletries, and emergency kits while traveling to Peru.

Money-Saving Tips for Visiting Peru

Some money-saving tips are as follows:

  • Use public transportation for traveling
  • Go during off-season
  • Choose hospedajes for staying
  • Ride in colectivos which are cheap local buses


Thus, hope you have got the idea about 5 great places to visit in Peru. These places have a lot to offer travelers. Therefore, if you are planning your next trip to Peru, consider this guide to make your bucket list.

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