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Things to Know about Salkantay and Lares Trail

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Peru is one of the countries which allows people to have the best trekking experience. Most people willing to go for a trek in this beautiful country opts to visit Cusco city. It provides people with two magnificent trekking choices – the Salkantay and Lares trails. If you are willing to enjoy the ultimate trekking experience you need to visit Peru’s Cusco city.

However, there are numerous details that an individual should know about these two trials. Thus, going through the information below will aid in acquiring data that one should know before starting their journey. Below mentioned info will comprise certain details such as best hiking time, altitude, and more. So, now take a look below to note all the details!

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Details about Salkantay Trail

One of the most popular treks in Cusco city, Peru is Salkantay Trek. This trail is quite famous because of its connecting route that joins Cusco’s Incas (ancient capital) to Machu Picchu’s astounding beauty. This trek is 46 miles long and has an elevation level of 4,600 meters (15,090 feet) at Salkantay Pass.

It will take an individual a maximum of 5 to 6 days for completing this trek. However, if you opt for additional adventures like going through the Peruvian Andes, it will take a little bit longer like 8 days or so.

This trail offers hikers a jaw-dropping natural landscape and a stunning environment. Moreover, trekkers get to enjoy Incan history too on their way. For instance, you will be able to explore Llactapata ruins along with magnificent glimpses of Urubamba Valley’s Incan settlements’ wrecks.

Other aesthetic places you will explore consist of Humantay Lake’s clear water to Huaracmachay valley’s deserted zig-zag path. The remoteness of this trek along with its breathtaking locations and more is what makes it unique.

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Best time to trek

The trail is open for trekking throughout the year. However, experts and tour establishments always suggest people hike between April and December. The reason for such timing being ideal is the weather. The days have an optimal temperature of 17°C (62°F) and early morning stays around 5°C (40°F), while the nights are quite cool.

This trail is about its scenic beauty which includes lush valleys and snow-capped mountains. Hence, to enjoy it, you should always opt to visit during the dry months as mentioned above.

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Altitude and other data

Trekking options for the Salkantay trail are a multi-day adventure. The classic trail route of Inca will provide people with 4215 meters (13,828 feet) as the top point when a person reaches “Dead Woman’s Pass”.

However, Salkantay Pass is higher with a top point of 4600 meters (15,090 feet). Even most campsites available are at an altitude of 1981 meters (6,500 feet). Such altitude is one of the reasons people spend a few days in Cusco city before embarking on their journey. It helps with acclimatization and aids one to cross Salkantay Pass easily. After this, the trek offers a low altitude terrain that offers lush scenery.

Salkantay and Lares Trail

The Salkantay classic trekking option

The classic itinerary of people opting for this trek include:

  • Day 1 – Start from Cusco and reach Salkantaypampa
  • Day 2 – Start from Salkantaypampa and reach Colpapampa after going through Abra Salkantay
  • Day 3 – You start from Colpapampa and get to Lucmabamba
  • Day 4 – From Lucmabamabe you get to Machu Picchu village
  • Last day (Day 5) – You can start your return journey in the best and most suited way for you.

Now, this is the classic itinerary that most people opt for, especially if an individual is trying this out for the first time.

Details about Lares trail

The Lares trek is more than just an alternative way than the overbooked Inca trail (classic route) to reach Machu Picchu. This trail will allow people to enjoy its local culture, history, and nature. Lares Hot Springs is one of the beloved places of hikers. This thermal bath allows you to have relaxing muscles before you start on the trekking route.

Furthermore, people have dubbed it as the ideal cultural trek. Apart from the experience of hiking through this path, one will often get to meet descendants responsible for building Machu Picchu and Inca trails. Such an exuberant and thrilling experience is challenging to come by when trekking.

Best season to hike

April to October is the best season for you to plan and visit this trek. The weather during this time is relatively warm. During the day it stays 20-25°C (68-77°F) and at night it stays somewhere between -1 to 7°C (30-45°F).

Most people try to avoid November to March as it is the rainy season, which is not always pleasant for trekking. Also, there is a chance of not being able to enjoy its remarkable natural beauty.

The Salkantay trail is what you need to explore first if this is your first time trekking here. When you complete this trek, you will have no words to describe its beauty and the overall experience.

So, plan today and visit this trail to hike!

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