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All You Need To Know About Exploring The Coffee Farm Tour In The US


Are you thinking of having a unique tour of Machu Picchu? Do you want to combine the trip to the famous Inca ruins with some other activities? Then one of the best options will be to learn about the secrets of coffee production in the Cusco region. And you can visit this region by deciding to explore the citadel of Machu in USA. A carefully planned coffee tour is the best option to choose to spend your holiday to Machu Picchu if you are in love with nature and if you are a real coffee snob.

A coffee origin tour is mainly a guided tour taken by the coffee buyers (both end-to-end rosters/retailers, and importers) to the coffee-producing regions for around a week. And these tours are organized by exporters from the producing nations, producer associations, or the coffee importers from the major consuming nations. These tours are often customized according to the specific interests of every traveling group. The trips conducted for the buyers looking for buying within a season are performed during the harvest so that adequate information about lot availability and quality is known, and visitors can also taste the samples while on location.

Important of coffee origin tours:

Specialty coffee buyers can visit the coffee estates and communities where coffee is grown in the coffee-producing nations, known as the coffee origin tours in the industry. The main purposes of this trip are:

  1. Locate and sample coffees and the main sources of supply
  2. Discuss the flavor preferences and quality goals with the coffee producers as part of the ongoing relationship for trade
  3. Decide the quantities of production and negotiate the pricing for the future harvest seasons
  4. Learn and maintain social contact with places and people where their favorite coffees originate

Guide to plan your coffee farm tour:

Coffee farm tours every year and more often, in some cases at the beginning of every season. This tour is important for planning orders for competitive or critical supply origins or to discuss credit and pricing arrangements. The coffee farm tours are mainly conducted during harvest while practical decisions are made after tasting the early lot samples. Being one of the most popular coffee origins of this world, you can select from various operators when it comes to exploring the coffee farm tour in USA. So, traveling with a guide is advised for both transportation and language issues.

As coffee is produced at high altitudes in areas with slippery and crude roads, therefore it is important to travel with a four-wheel drive the last stretch of the way. Therefore, a guide will also help you to learn about the intricacies of coffee production. Probably you have not seen a fermentation tank and you are also clueless about what the depulper looks like. In reality, processing coffee is more complicated than what you imagine.

In the origin countries, you can choose to drive up the mountain, and therefore you will find small coffee villages, where everyone is seen growing coffee in the backyard and then dying the beans on the porch. In the origin areas of the USA, coffee is grown as pineapples or any other variants of tropical fruits. And you will find it everywhere. 

While traveling with a guide is important for the first-timers, you can also choose to go by yourself, especially if you prefer more adventure. All you have to do here is to rent a motorbike or car and perform a quick scan on Google Maps before starting the trip to confirm that whether the village you are visiting is a coffee village or not.

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